Thursday, June 04, 2015

Introduction(Part 1 of 3) : "Hello!"

Hi people. My name is Henry Thurlow and I`m an animator from New York currently working in Japan. I gave a couple interviews a few months ago about my experiences so far which created a bit of a buzz on the animation/anime websites due to my speaking out about the harsh conditions of the anime industry.

I`m not really planning on updating this blog very often, but from time to time I do want to post something (Information/opinions/rant/etc) that`s just too long for twitter. At those times, I`ll write something here and then link it on my Twitter and Tumblr accounts. (Yes, I do have a facebook account, but I reserve that for only people I know in person.  Sorry.)

For starters, here`s the articles I just mentioned, as well as a Reddit AMA I did a few months earlier. (I still go back and answer new questions from time to time, so feel free to ask me anything.):

And for this first post I guess I`ll just introduce myself: 

I grew up in New York. (Staten Island until I was 5, then moved to Suffern NY until College and then to Brooklyn where I worked as an animator before coming to Japan.)
I graduated from DCAD and then PRATT (both in traditional animation) and then after graduation I worked as a freelance animator on various projects (most notably: some Dora the Explorer PC games, Superjail season 1,  and the MGMT:Kids music video) until I moved to Japan in 2009.  (Continued in part 2)

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