Sunday, January 29, 2017

Judgment and Justice

I`ve finally released my 2015 short film “Judgment and Justice” publicly online so anyone can view it. Before I share the video link, a quick back-story.

Pre-production for this short began not long after graduating college over 10 years ago. Frustrated about the lack of work I was getting and the overall state of my industry, I drew a few violent images in my sketchbook and though “I should try to make the sickest short-film I possibly can.”

(First sketches for "Judgment and Justice" drawn in 2006)

Throughout my (now 10 year or so) career as an animator I kept coming back to this short-film whenever I had free time. It`s not perfect my any means, …certain idea`s had to get cut, and the quality varies as some sequences were animated 8 years ago and some 2 years ago. (In the case of the image below, I actually re-did some of my earlier drawings toward the end of the project … though many sequences I just left as-is)

(Left: Drawn in 2009, Right: Redrawn in 2014.)

But never the less, I`m glad I saw it through to completion, and can say confidently that it accomplished my original goals for the project. To make an animated short which pushes the boundaries as far as I could possibly take them, as a direct challenge to anyone who would be offended by, or try to censor someone else`s drawings. (If you would like to read more about the creation process, check out the earlier blog-post I wrote which went into much more detail.)

One final note: While I believe films need to speak for themselves, and no one should have to “explain their film” for it to be enjoyable, I think watching “Judgment and Justice” with a rough idea of what I intended the characters to (in part) represent will result in a more comprehensive viewing experience. So with that said…

The Family = Conservatism/Hypocrisy
The Police Officers = Those who would abuse power
The Black Police Officer = Liberalism expressed “the right/nice” way.
The Killer = Liberalism expressed via Violence/Anarchy.

Please be advised THIS VIDEO CONTAINS EXTREME (animated) GRAPHIC VIOLENCE. Please do not watch it, or complain about it later, if that upsets you. It is in NO WAY intended for children. ADULTS ONLY! Now without further Ado, here is the link to view “Judgment and Justice”  on Vimeo.

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