Thursday, December 22, 2016

「D`Art Shtajio」 and 「Indigo Ignited」

Major announcements in this post, so I`ll get straight to the point:

I have partnered with my colleague Arthell Isom and his brother Darnell to create a new animation studio called D`Art Shtajio.
Arthell has been living in Japan and working as a background artist on anime for many years. His resume includes projects like Gintama, Naruto Shippuden, Lupin III, A Letter to Momo, and Short Peace.

Darnell is lead designer at Legacy Effects in California, who`s worked on a number of major films including Avatar, Pacific Rim and TMNT.

At D`Art Shtajio, we plan to continue working in our respective fields, as well as acting as a bridge between the Japanese animation industry and outside markets. 

Here`s the deal: Are you looking to produce an anime-style commercial, music video, pilot film, segment for your show, or full anime series? Contacting the Japanese studio`s directly can be daunting, and frankly speaking, rarely works out. The culture of the Japanese anime industry is unique, and doesn`t work like the rest of the world. If you contact D`Art Shtajio however, where Arthell and I know how to navigate and produce things in this industry, we will be able to bridge that cultural gap and help you complete your project.

We`re also proud to announce that D`Art Shtajio`s first project is an anime pilot-film based on David Pinter and Samuel Dalton`s indy comic “Indigo Ignited.”
With storyboards by Yoshiharu Ashino (Director of D.Grey-man Hallow, First Squad, Tweeny Witches) and animation-direction by Asuka Tsubuki (Animator for One Punch Man, Parasyte, X-men) it`s shaping up to be really great, and we`re looking forward to sharing it with everyone. 
Here is a short list of Indigo Ignited`s main staff (More news about the staff, as well as voice actors will be revealed in the upcoming weeks.)

Director\Project manager: Henry Thurlow
Art Director: Arthell Isom
Character Designer: Rejean Dubois
Animation Director: Asuka Tsubuki
Storyboard Artist: Yoshiharu Ashino
Original Creators: David Pinter and Samuel Dalton
Production Manager: Kyohei Nishikawa
Please look forward to the Indigo Ignited Trailer coming out in January, and the completed pilot-film shortly there-after in early 2017!


SavageCineast said...

Heard this on ANN. This all sounds really cool Henry, and I for one am interested in seeing how this pans out and how this bridge goes.

I was wondering, and I hope you don't think me impertinent, but are they ways for foreigners such as myself to work for the studio, as say, a writer?

Anonymous said...

Hi Henry,

Sorry to contact you through your blog. I just saw this through ANN, and thought it was a really cool idea.

I'm the international coordinator at the entertainment company, DLE here in Japan (you might know Sean McPhillips who also works here), and I would love to get an opportunity to meet with you to talk about how DLE can support D'Art.

Let me know if you have time, and you can email me at

Look forward to talking with you soon!

Henry Thurlow said...

@SavageCineast, We`re in the process of setting up a website now which will offer more information about the company. We don`t need writers at the moment, but are open to the idea of working with international staff, so it`s certainly a possible in the future.

@Vincent Hopkins, sending an e-mail now. Let`s talk.

SavageCineast said...

@Henry Thurlow, Thank you for responding. Do you have a business email whereby I may send over my resume and ask further questions pertaining to the company?

Henry Thurlow said...

My e-mail address isn`t private by any means. (I have it listed on all my sites) ... D`Art Shtajio e-mails and website should be coming soon.

SavageCineast said...

@Henry Thurlow, Thanks again. I just wanted to make sure beforehand. I'll pop you an e-mail soon. Looking forward to it.